rustic industrial desk

Our office design called for a full wrap around desk at the far end of the space, which needed to showcase our work and style but also provide a good amount of desk area for two people, with an additional space for sketching and similar work shared between the two.



We used our favoured style, which is rustic industrial, because it pairs metal and wood and has an ‘engineering’ look, as well as a great sturdy and long lasting feel. We used DAS finished mild steel against used scaffolding boards with some added patina and sanded back for a great finish. The boards are still a little rough and slightly mismatched in depth, which we wanted for the rustic look; however we could easily thickness and sand the boards to a much more uniform height if an ultra level table is required. 


The desk frame was MIG welded, with three distinct pieces – there are  two standalone desks at the sides into which the cross-surface slots; this was because it was necessary to bring everything through a single width door, and we don’t believe in fabricating items together permanently on-site as it’s then very difficult to move these items undamaged elsewhere.


Included on the underside of the desk are two 4 gang extension boxes with custom cable lengths to suit the wall socket locations, cable tidy trays, and a pop up USB power station on both sides. This allows all the equipment on the desks to only require two power sockets, one on each side, and tidies the cable runs dramatically. 

cable pass-through

To keep to the look we were going for, we fabricated an overlap for the cable runs from the top to the bottom side of the desk – this meant we didn’t need to put round cable grommets in each corner of the desk which would have detracted from the design somewhat.