Our Office

The project that started it all! We wanted an insulated office pod for use in our workshop (uninsulated and very cold brrrrrr..) to have a comfortable place to do paperwork without having to waste energy heating the entire space. We also needed the flexibility to remove and relocate the pod to other workshop spaces for when we inevitably move premises. The YB creative pod was born..


rustic industrial desk

This is a desk that, physically, was designed to fit and work well in the space available, as well as aesthetically to complement the look of the interior. We needed to ensure the desk could go through a standard door and be carried by two people so we split it into three and bolted and screwed it together in position. 


country kitchen

The requirement was for a country kitchen design with a freestanding aesthetic, with industrial accents and the wall worktop fitted to form the window sill. We designed the frame of the cabinets against the wall putting the sink in front of the window and small drawers to the right, with three cabinets to the right. We also did a custom coat rack and stair balustrades at this location which fit with the design theme. We even turned our own oak knobs on this project as they needed to be really chunky but low height to work with the design. 

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