New look website for Yeti & Bean

We are working hard behind the scenes at the moment to update and rebrand the website to reflect our latest products and our new direction; we are aiming to have an early draft live in the next week or so, but for now you may notice a lot of dead links and pages with stock content! 

Our brand Yeti & Bean was started as a side project in 2016 and, ever since, the site has been neglected while full time commitments and family life have got in the way. We made the decision in November of 2019 to turn our full attention to making the brand work on a larger scale, and since January 2020 have been expanding the capabilities in the workshop, building prototypes of products and making a space which, in general, is much more pleasant to spend the majority of our waking hours in. 

With the issues that are currently being faced globally, we have been forced to pause development at the workshop, but on the positive side has brought forward this work on the website. While the framework on the website will be finished in the coming weeks, a lot of the photography will be below our high standards while we wait to be able to return to the workshop to take beautiful images of our products. Please bear with us in this interim period, and give our site another visit after everything has returned to (nearly) normal!