We at Yeti&Bean would like to take a moment to update about our current position in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have listened closely to current UK government guidelines and made the difficult decision to close down our workshop and bring our operation to our homes in order to fully comply with the intent of those guidelines. We believe that although we could continue to work on products at the workshop this brings with it the obvious danger of our staff coming into close contact; and because all of our products are hand made on-site, there is a risk of injury with continued work, as well as possible injury on the roads when commuting. Although we endeavour to reduce any risks us much as humanly possible with correct working practices and policies, PPE etc. accidents happen around the country every day even in the most well controlled environments, and we feel that we should be reducing the potential burden on our NHS at this difficult time as much as possible.

We are working from home on updating the website and the design of product range, and we hope to come out of the other side of this stronger and better than ever. 

Stay safe!