Yeti & Bean are fabricators of fine creative spaces – e.g. offices, studios, workshops – and fixtures and fittings to fill them – e.g. desks, display cabinets, lighting – with innovative bespoke touches. Never your ordinary garden shed or industrial furniture – we aim to create heirloom quality that can grow and move with you (yes – even and especially the creative spaces!) and be passed down the generations.

Our founders are a father, son and daughter-in-law team who became frustrated at the lack of properly engineered prefabricated buildings on the market – in the journey of creating their own self contained office, they discovered that matching furniture with a technological flair was also missing from the market.

They decided to form Yeti & Bean to provide bespoke prefabricated offices, workshops, studios and other creative spaces with functional services beautifully engineered into the buildings themselves; as well as furniture suited to the aesthetic with integrated mechtronics as required – with the goal of interacting with the space being as close as possible to a seamless and ‘magical’ experience.

CAD design

Most of our projects, from the largest workshop to the smallest coat rack, start their lives as 3D models so we can fine tune without cutting any materials

Electrical and Programming

One of our most unique offerings, we can create functional mechatronics in buildings and furniture to accomplish almost any requirement you can think of – no idea is too wacky to be considered!


We think all our projects have an artistic flair, but for those instances where you really need most individuality we have you covered; from wall murals down to the smallest airbrushing.

Fabrication & Welding

We have a full range of metal cutting and shaping equipment at our disposal, from the humble grinder to CNC mills. We can also MIG and TIG weld a wide variety of materials. 


With wide experience in mechanical engineering, we can design mechanical components into any building or piece of furniture to accomplish your aims.

Woodwork and Joinery

We also have a comprehensive set of woodworking tools which allow us to accurately cut and finish wood for decorative and framing purposes.

Fearless Leaders

With a combined 60 years of experience in engineering design and manufacture, we have the skills – just give us a call to discuss your project!

Alan Pattinson-Hillyard

Alan Pattinson-Hillyard

Managing Director

Alan has worked in several engineering industries, starting when he was still at school. His experience ranges from tool design, to coffee machine design, to high performance automotive engine design. 

Derek Hillyard

Derek Hillyard

Engineering Director

Derek has worked in engineering since apprenticeship at age 16 – more recently he has experience in commercial vending machine design, integrated spas and furniture.

Rachel Pattinson-Hillyard

Rachel Pattinson-Hillyard

Marketing Director

Rachel has a background in marketing and publishing, and has worked as far afield as China. Her experience ranges from copywriting, to project management and everything in-between.

our Work

Below are some examples of our work in prefabricated buildings, furniture and fittings. This is a small example of our capabilities based on past projects we have been able to document – don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss any product you have in mind.